"how rude!" -stephanie tanner

oh my grapes i am so agitated!

the close minded should not read any further... they may already be pissed i took grapes name in vain.

jumping in... now:

if someone is dressed in drag... or in a movie where they are homosexual... does not mean they are gay.  and if they are gay... who the hell cares.
being a gay man doesn't necessarily mean the man is feminine... and vice versa... just because a woman is a lesbian doesn't mean she is a handsome woman...if you catch my drift...there may be fashion trends that are more popular in different groups of friends... but...don't be dumb.
i have repeatedly said this... but... honestly it needs to be said more... if someone is gay it does not mean they are overly sexual... it doesn't not mean that if you are a man...every gay man wants to have sex with your butt... and if you are a woman...lesbians are not sexual predators of all woman....that is soooo incredibly idiotic!  i am a straight woman... i do not want to have sex with every man in the world... far from that in fact. why would the sex you prefer mean you are either a normal human who is attracted to good looking people who have rad personalities.... or a raging sexual predator who wants to fuck everyone with the genitalia that they prefer.
people who are so far up their butts have made all this ridiculous propaganda and it needs to be addressed more often.  gay marriage is addressed more these days because its in the news... but the whole fear and ignorance behind why its not accepted isn't called out enough... why in the world do people need to put labels on someone... and why is it sooooo necessary for everyone to be put in a category of some sort...
wanna know why its necessary... because Americans elect people constantly that make it so the government gives and takes according to the category that people are in... and if they don't fit in the category... they get nothing.  the close minded religious have made it their duty to categorize the probability of access to heaven...and have decided that certain people just are lost causes that are completely not allowed into Gods arms regardless ...but need to be preached at and degraded into submission.
marriage....in general isn't decided by a jury/panel of random peers... there are plenty of straight couples that shouldn't be together and you know it... you even have wanted to tell plenty of straight couples that its not gonna work... they should break up... and try over....you have wanted to tell plenty people who they should be with instead of the a-hole they are with....(that never works by the way....unless the outcome you wanted was to lose a friend)  that being said... there are plenty of gay couples that have no business being together either... with every relationship gay or straight there is the possibility of abuse, neglect or indifference... but... come'on... i am naive enough and happy enough to say... that if someone finds who the belong with... let them belong eachother.  it wont effect your relationship... it wont make your marriage any less real...i promise...so is it a threat??? i mean... honestly...are they taking away from straight people who are married??? if you think that gay marriage is... what about divorced people they canceled their marriage....doesn't that detract more from marriage's value than kim and sue or jason and derek tying the knot?  (do not get me wrong i do not have a major malfunction towards divorce i am using it clearly as an example)  i think the only thing that people should be concerned with, in regards to weddings is:
1. do not make your guests sing or recite things...
2. do not make your bridal party spend hundreds/thousands of dollars on you and your day
3. do not let anyone make really long toasts with inside jokes in them
4. do not make it boring/too long...(the remedy to this one is... DO NOT HAVE A DRY WEDDING)
so yeah...if you are gay or straight and are gonna do the opposite of any of these rules... do not invite me to your wedding....cuz i will hate it... and in response kinda hate you a lil bit.
ok back to the subject...
people get uppity about this stuff cuz it involves religion.. and even more personal...politics!!  (that was me being clever...if you didn't notice)
i am not going to get further into this actually because i do not think i am a religious or political authority...i love God... and i love freedom... and i LOVE candy....thats enough.
ok... slightly veering from the subject... onto more deviance i suppose....this time a shorter rant...
tattoos do not make you overly sexual either.  lol... ok i know that seems kinda out in left field... but... honestly... having a tattoo doesn't make a person a saddist...i am kinda explaining that if  you can see part of someones tattoo... you shouldn't ask... "how far down does that go..." or..."do you have tattoos in other places that you can't see"  honestly... i have compared it to asking someone what color their nipples are... its rude....and lots of times its creepy.  people express themselves in so many fricken ways... that are never questioned... well... outloud that is... like... oh... she cut her hair short... "how do you style your pubic hair?" ....oh he is wearing oversized shorts,"do you have abnormally large testes?"  i think that it is safe to say that people that get tattoos want to do something interesting for themselves.... it is not safe to say that everyone that has a tattoo wants you to see them naked....and NO this is not a rant based on something that has happened to me....no one has asked me this... and i have a butt tattoo and everyone has seen it... and i will show almost everyone it if they asked...but... this is one thing that i am reserved about... the meaning behind tattoos... i rarely tell people the meaning behind my tattoos... and i rarely ask people theirs...  you should think about that... sometimes its really personal and/or a long story that doesn't pertain to anyone that would ask... usually when asked i outright lie.

i am tired of ranting... the anger and restrictions that are needlessly spilled out these days is stupid.  seriously stupid.
if you disagree with me... i will gladly debate this with you.

minute maid orangeade is so great (3% orange juice) :)

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