once a dog always a tiger

um... i was just wondering how come tiger woods hasn't claimed he is a sex addict yet....
isn't that what famous people do when they get caught with their sexy time indiscretions?
i believe the "tweet" would go something like this...

i am  so very sorry for my personal indiscretions that have been brought to light.  i realise how disappointed my family and fans are in me.  you can not be as disappointed in me as i am.  not as an excuse, but i have now realized i am a sex addict and am going to get help for my issues.  hopefully you can be proud of me in the future once i have this addiction taken care of.

i feel like he can't say he is addicted to drugs or alcohol cuz that is way way worse in the sport area....so... its gonna have to be sex addiction.

well... anyways... i'm sayin... it mite be on the horizon...

ok i'm gonna go read while pretending to watch max and ruby with zoe.

have a very merry christmas!

have a cookie