that girl.

i would like to find that girl:

who always looks perfect;
not a hair outta place, pristine clothing, hot bod (c-cups on a xs body), make-up or lack of make-up impecable,

who is extremely talented;
very athletic naturally, incredibly smart, wonderfully artistic, excelling at singing, dancing, and mathematics

who is very well mannered;
never swears, never makes unwanted noises out of her rump or mouth, super polite and always on time

who is an incredible wife;
amazing cook, incredibly great at cleaning and decorating, knows all the rules of sport things, super bendy...

who is a great mom;
never loses her patience, her children are always well behaved, she comes up with such original ideas for activities to do with them that make them smart...

i would like to kick her in the badger....shave her head...and make her live in my apt.

i am trying to drink less soda... so i only drank two cans of coke today... instead of....like five...baby steps.

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